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Data protection and information for usage-based online advertising

LEAP Digital Marketing GmbH

This page is intended to inform you about the data that can be collected when you click on advertisements in the internet marked with the data protection information icon of the German Data Protection Council for Online Advertising (DDOW), or when you visit websites where advertising flagged by the privacy info icon of the DDOW is displayed. You will also learn how the data is used for future display of usage-based advertising and how you can opt out usage-based advertising for your computer.

What is usage-based online advertising? What is my stored data used for?

When the privacy info icon appears on an advertisement in a web page, it means that when you click on the ad or visit the website, information about your interests and preferences is collected in a Cookie to be stored on your computer. This is to serve advertisements that are better tailored to your tastes and interests when visiting other websites. This is called "usage-based online advertising" or "Online Behavioral Advertising, OBA".

Advertisers (for example, online marketers or advertising agencies) use so-called "Ad Servers" as a "technical tool" for the display of usage-based online advertising media.

When you visit certain websites or click on certain advertising banners on pages you visit, the Ad Server places a cookie on your computer. In this cookie, certain information (data) is stored - anonymous or pseudonymized, e.g. on the content of the advertisements you clicked on, the product advertised, etc.

The Ad Server processes the collected data on behalf of the advertiser by creating a kind of "online advertising profile" in the cookie containing your potential interest preferences. This will allow to show you advertisements that are better tailored to your interests and preferences.

It is important that the Ad Server does not link any collected data to other databases that could allow to draw conclusions about you. In particular, neither your name, email address, home address nor other personal information such as date of birth or telephone number will be stored in the cookie and processed by the Ad Server.

What data does the Ad Server store in the cookie on my computer?

The Ad Server used by the advertiser mentioned below can store the following data in a cookie on your computer:


Of this data, the following items are "personal data" within the meaning of § 3 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG):


Who is the advertiser using this Ad Server for displaying usage-based online advertising on websites I visit?

The advertiser using this Ad Server to display online advertisements is:

LEAP Digital Marketing GmbH
Hardenbergstraße 9 a
10623 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 34649-1135
Fax: +49 30 34649-1110

LEAP Digital Marketing GmbH has adopted the OBA code of conduct for service providers for the self-regulation in the area of usage-based online advertising provided by the German Data Protection Council for Online Advertising (DDOW).

You can find a link to the code's full text here.

You do not want to get served usage-based online advertising?

To deactivate usage-based online advertising temporarily (for 7 days), please click here.

To permanently disable usage-based online advertising, please click here.

With the network preference management by the consumer portal, you can directly and easily manage the usage of usage-based online advertising for websites you visit by the above-mentioned advertisers - as far as the party has enrolled for this service - as well as all other advertisers that adopted the code of conduct of DDOW and enrolled in the Network Preference Management.

Please note that writing a cookie on your computer is also required to deactivate the usage-based online advertising. If you delete your cookies, the Ad Server will no longer be able to determine that you do not want to get served usage-based online advertising.

Further information

You can find more information on the subject of usage-based online advertising on the consumer portal

Please also note the following

Provider of the AdServer is AdSpirit GmbH, Niedstr. 40-41, D-12159 Berlin, Germany. This company, however, is not responsible for the collection and processing of your data for serving usage-based online advertising. Solely responsible is the above mentioned advertiser. AdSpirit GmbH only provides the AdServer as a technical tool for the distribution of usage-based online advertising to the above mentioned advertiser.